40 Days for Life 2011: Week 4

Dear “R.J.”,

To be honest, I think about you frequently. I often wonder how far along you are in your development within your mother’s womb. But a part of me also wonders what your parents think of you. Are they going to keep you? Will you see the world outside of the womb? I hope so. They’re probably scared. But I pray that dealing with their fears doesn’t lead them to decide that your short-lived life should end. “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” a wise Jedi once said. Gosh, I hope you live long enough to see those movies.

I guess the consequence of me thinking about you frequently is that it causes me to think about my future kids. Really, I desire nothing more than to become the man and father that my future kids deserve. I can only hope and pray that your parents desire the same. Why? Because, “R.J.”, you deserve it.

It would be such a disservice to my future kids to train myself such that being a crappy father is acceptable. I want to show my future kids what it really means for me to be a true man, husband, and father, and I’m fully confident that my future wife would strive to do the same as true woman, wife, and mother. I can only hope and pray your parents desire the same.

I feel like this world continually feeds us trash on what it means to man up and woman up to be good parents…or the lack thereof. It’s no easy task but the easy ways out aren’t what’s best for individuals such as yourself, “R.J.,” and my future kids.

It’s a shame that there are those who think that just because you might not look human-ish right now (I’m assuming) that it’s okay to end your life because you’re “nothing more than a clump of cells.” Psh, well even your biological cells are alive and growing but to end your life now would simply ruin your great potential.

“R.J.”–you deserve life beyond the womb. You will do great things whether big or small. Even if your parents and the rest of world think otherwise, I still believe in you.

Continually praying for you and your parents and others in your same situation,

ps Thanks for helping me realize my manly, husbandly, fatherly desires. 🙂