Unique Opportunity

Tonight was pretty cool. I got to attend a private house concert performed by Audrey Assad. She’s an up and coming Catholic singer/songwriter.

But! I didn’t even know who she was until two weeks ago. I received an email about this opportunity to go watch her perform live at a house near my work. And I decided to go!

To be honest, even though I heard of her for the first time a little while ago, I didn’t go look her up on YouTube or anything. And after watching and listening to her perform tonight, I think I am just that more blown away by her talent.

She has this really pure voice, and the way she sings reminds me of Colbie Caillat and Sarah McLachlan. Tonight she only had herself playing the piano and a bass player. And her voice. And that’s all she needed.

I loved how as she progressed through her hour-long set, she intermixed stories of her experiences, especially regarding her husband. Her stories really put the songs she sang in context such that we could relate to her more.

She’s also such a humble and approachable person who’s also very talented. That’s a combination you normally don’t see among famous people.  It was pretty funny and embarrassing for me when I bought her two CD’s.  She like…demonstrated this clever way of freeing a CD case of its plastic.  She did it for me on the first CD she signed and saw me struggle with the second CD.  She then helped me open that one too…

Cool fact.  Her merch can be purchased with a credit card because apparently they have an iPod touch with a card reader and app to scan cards.  Convenient.

Anyway, I’m glad I had this opportunity to hang out with some of my Catholic friends in this special opportunity to enjoy Audrey Assad performing her music in a private venue.  Cool stuff. 🙂

If you want to know more, her website is: www.audreyassad.com and from there you can find her on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

And I recorded two of the songs she performed (which also happen to be Matt Maher songs since she collaborated with him in these two songs).

“Restless” – Audrey Assad
“Garden” – Audrey Assad
Faith. Hope. Charity. “Is Audrey Assad married? …Dang, I guess I’ll keep discerning…” (from Stuff Catholic Guys Say)
– JR