Young Catholic Questions

I’m an avid listener of Catholic Answers, a radio show and website that aims to answer any and all questions regarding the Catholic faith.

Since I don’t often listen to full shows while it is on the air, I hit up the podcasts.

And … interesting… it seems that pre-teen and younger Catholics ask the zinger questions, especially for the shows at the end of March.  They don’t come up often on the show, but mannnn when they do…I’m often amazed at the theological insight some of these youth have.  Makes me go “hmm, I’ve never thought about that before…”  Not only that, they’re not afraid to ask…on NATIONAL. CATHOLIC. RADIO.  Mad props.  Better than me.

Cool stuff.  If I could Like their questions, I totally would.

“Be not afraid.” – Blessed Pope John Paul II

Faith. Hope. Charity. Catholic kids are cool.
– JR