Easter Vigil

Now I’m not sure if I’ve ever gone to an Easter Vigil Mass before…maybe I did once during high school? I can’t remember.  To make it easier, let’s just assume I’ve never been.

And I went tonight, “for the first time.”  And all I can say is that it was pretty legit.  And beautiful too!

I love how they shut off the lights in the sanctuary before Mass and processed in with the Easter candle lighting the way.  Then slowly the room filled with candlelight because everyone was given a candle to hold.  Cool effect for the blessing of the fire.

I didn’t realize there were seven readings for this Mass with seven responsorial psalms and prayers.  But, what I liked about it all is that there is no skimping out.  Each reading progressed towards the Resurrection in a such a way that deserves a good Bible study to connect the dots.

And then there were the catechumens.  I’m normally used to babies getting baptized (hey, I’m Catholic), but to see a long line of adults, young adults, and kids get baptized was pretty cool.  There was a certain joy arising within me seeing all this knowing that these people are being initiated into God’s family.

As if the line for being baptized wasn’t enough, the number of those catechumens receiving the sacrament of Confirmation seemed like double (though it includes those who were baptized earlier).  Again, that certain joy welled up within me seeing all this because now they have this mission and responsibility to fulfill as a Confirmed Catholic.  And to make it that much more exciting, I was sitting next to my own Confirmandee, and he was pretty excited about it too seeing what will happen for him in over a month.

Then lastly, the Eucharist.  The usual stuff, but now those who were just baptized and confirmed can partake in communion.  And that’s pretty legit.  Their lives are very, very Catholic now.

Anyway, I think back to the discussions I had with some fellow Catholic friends about Easter Vigil and how awesome they think it is.  And I totes agree.  The triple-whammy of sacraments all in one Mass makes it pretty cool.

On my way out after Mass, I could just see the joy in the new Catholics’ faces as they took pictures in the sanctuary and the narthex was buzzing with more people taking pictures and excited chatter.  Cool stuff.

And I should keep this short…only because I have to return for the 9AM Mass so that I can attend with my own family.  But anyway…

Easter Vigil is legit and a really cool Mass to experience.  A really exciting time for the greater Catholic Church as we welcome new members in our family.  I see why people recommend going to it…and I do the same: you should go if you’ve never been! 🙂

Faith. Hope. Charity. Vigils.
– JR