May Feelings

Mary’s Grotto at my parish for May Crowning 2012

April showers bring forth May flowers…for Mary!
Last year, our high school youth group got asked to help out with the May Crowning for our elementary religious ed kids.  Some of our high schoolers actively help with the young kids.
One of the high schoolers shared this video last year in preparation for the May Crowning:

…which resulted in our youth group getting together to make our own “I pray the Rosary” shirts.  And we all helped lead the elementary students in praying the Rosary, songs, and the crowning.  Cool stuff.
This year we didn’t quite get organized in time to make new shirts, but we still helped out with 3 separate May Crownings (soooo many kids x_x, but that’s a good thing!).  
It is adorably cute to hear little kids lead a decade of the Rosary.  Fo realz.
If you have time, it’s worth searching “Belomasan” on YouTube.  They’re the ones that make these May Feelings videos (which  the video above is May Feelings II…and there are currently 5).  They’re all pretty awesome.  Don’t let the Spanish language turn you away–there are subtitles!
Faith. Hope. Charity.  I pray the Rosary.- JD