Executive Decision

Last summer, I went on a small road trip with our youth group to another parish an hour away.  We joined up with another youth group to watch a live feed of the closing Mass at World Youth Day 2012 in Madrid, Spain.

And after staying up all night (literally) watching the Closing Mass, I couldn’t help but think, “Man! I really want to go to a World Youth Day!”  And I decided that I would start saving money, knowing that such a trip will cost like at least 3500 small coffees from McDonald’s.  Not that I get small coffees at McDonald’s that often. Anymore. Ahem…

Anyway, I remember back in high school, our youth group went to like…each one.  But I never had the time or could afford it.  So I missed out on the opportunities to go to WYD in Toronto, Germany, and Australia.

But now that I’m full-time employed with some earned vacation time, I’ve made an executive decision to go to World Youth Day 2013 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Earlier this week, I attended a meeting to start getting more information about a combined trip between my parish and another parish.  Sounds pretty exciting!  Can’t wait!

I hope that a lot of youth get to go too to share this experience!

It’s gonna happen.  God-willing. JD-hoping/praying.

(Insert something Portuguese here)