But how?

You know, I have several Internet-connected devices with access to my blog, and I don’t do a good job of blogging on a whim because my life is Catholic and I think about being Catholic a lot of the time….and I don’t type it out. Or write it. Or whatever.

Anyway, I was just pondering about love. Often times on the Internet and on Facebook you see people making the argument that “God loves everyone!” Which is true. But isn’t fully True, even if one or two verses from Scripture is thrown around. And I say that because no one cares to explain how God loves. One needs a fuller illustration of what “God loves everyone!” means. And you can’t really squeeze that in one or two verses. You need like, two testaments, in order to do that.

So since God IS love…and we know this…we should explore HOW He loves.

I think what I’m trying to get at is my dissatisfaction with the argument that “God loves everyone!” without being able illustrate or show how He loves everyone.  I almost would challenge the person the next time I see it posted and ask them how does He loves.  Make ’em quote Scripture.  Whole chapters, not single verses.  Make ’em tell me how it applies to their lives.  But I need to be fluent in how God loves, myself. So much to pull from!  And there’s a lot to learn. And praise God I’m Catholic with the desire to seek Truth and Love so that I can spread Truth and Love.

Pray on this, I will. You should, too! 🙂

How He loves us so.
– JD