No, I’m not talking about a line of cologne for men.

But rather…I was just thinking back to a comment on one of my Facebook posts.  Perhaps I like posting Catholic things regarding sexuality and things of that nature on Facebook/Twitter.  But I haven’t in a long while… And people like confronting me about those posts.  Which is great!  I like a challenge.  But long story short…this one time, a friend of mine brought up that the Catholic Church’s obsession with sexuality is unhealthy.  I didn’t take offense to this.  And I don’t think I ever responded to that.  But I’ve given it some thought since then.

Honestly, I think the Catholic Church’s obsession with sexuality isn’t unhealthy…rather, it’s the general lack of obsession of sexuality in society that is unhealthy.  In the sexually-saturated world that we live in, you’re probably thinking, “wait, aren’t we pretty obsessed with sex?” …and to that, I would agree!  But, not fully.  Because the general obsession with sexuality that I see out there in the world lacks the fullness of authentic sexuality.  In other words, the world is obsessed with sex! Yes! But only some reduced or twisted form of it.  And that’s not Catholic.

You see, the Catholic Church is obsessed with the beauty and truth of sexuality as God intended.  And we can reason what the purpose of sexuality is based on natural law, which examines the human body and we can use reason and logic to conclude why male and female and sexual union.  Ultimately, because we, human beings, are God’s creation…our very being, our bodies…point towards God and His Love.   The one flesh union between man and woman in the marital embrace speaks the language of God’s love.  That’s Catholic.

Sex is a beautiful thing.  And anything that takes away from its beauty is most likely not in line with what the Catholic Church teaches on sex.

So yeah, obsession.  The Catholic Church is obsessed with sex because the current worldview isn’t obsessed with it enough.

All of this deserves more reflection and explanation, but…not in this blog post.  I’m just thinking about obsession.  But thankfully, much of that reflection and explanation has already been done.

In the unending search for truth in sexual obsession, Catholic-style, here are some topics/people worth Googling for more info:
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Faith. Hope. Charity. Obsession.
– JD