The 5th Joyful Mystery

I’m currently out of town for the weekend since I’m a groomsman for a college friend’s wedding in Orange, TX.

A little while ago on Facebook, I decided that whenever I’m out traveling on my own to different places, I’ll make it a point to go visit a Catholic church for a while knowing that the I’d find the same essentials no matter what Catholic church I end up visiting. I think that this brings about a sense of Home away from home.

The other day, I had the crazy idea of doing just that so I Googled what and where the local Catholic churches are in Orange. And I came across St. Mary’s Catholic Church. And what caught my eye was that their chapel has perpetual Adoration! Score!

A little strange, but St. Mary’s perpetual Adoration chapel is connected to their parish office across the street from the church. But that’s ok. Luckily, I didn’t have to type in any fancy codes into the door to get in.

So here I am now, blogging with Jesus.

He says hi

Finding Jesus in the “temple,” indeed.
– JD

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