Meditation on a Daily Meditation


I really miss shooting my bow.  Like, a lot.  Like, it’s just sitting in my closet collecting dust.  Yet I hear it calling my name.  But I don’t have the time to answer.

But if I did, I wouldn’t just jump back into shooting a bunch of arrows at once.  You see, I shoot a 38lb bow.  I have terrible upper body strength unless I practice.

And I have to practice a lot if I am to hit the bullseye 3 times like what is pictured above.  Ultimately in archery, you want to be hitting the bullseye because that nets you the most points.  And to hit such a small target from a distance is a testament to one’s strength, skill, and focus.  A measure of success, for sure.

But, we live in a crazy world.  There are some of those out there that would say that I should redefine the meaning of the bullseye so that any time my arrow hits the target, it is a bullseye.  That’s ridiculous!  That’s cheating!  You can’t just…change what the bullseye is just so you can score a 10 to to say “hey, I’m doing better!”  The Olympics committee wouldn’t find that acceptable!  That wouldn’t fit in with how they have defined the bullseye in order to win a gold medal at the summer games!

A quote from Fr. Alfonse:

“There are two ways for an archer to hit his intended target: either by shooting an arrow through it or by changing his mind.  The only reason why we keep thinking we are doing better is because we keep redefining what ‘success’, ‘life’, ‘marriage’ and ‘family’ mean.  But beware!  If we can play this game, then others can too, and with words like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’. “

 Something to think about.  And I love archery.
– JD