The Cost of Unmanliness

When I was in high school, I was a cashier at a chain hobby store.  I worked there starting my senior year of high school up until the summer prior to my sophomore year of college.  In my later years of college and even after I graduated, I worked at local recreation center as a front desk customer service representative.  And right now, I’m an engineer at a manufacturing company of commercial airline seating.  Moving up and up, haha.
But all three of these places of employment seem to share an unfortunate commonality with each other, especially this past week at my current job.
Hmm.  Let’s take a look.  At the hobby store, one of my managers was let go, if I remember correctly.  At the rec center, one of my managers was also let go or fired.  This past week at work, two engineers were fired.  But why? For sexual harassment or making inappropriate jokes that could be construed as sexual harassment to or around women.  And the women said something to someone.
I don’t deem it necessary for details (mostly because I don’t have first-hand details), but that’s essentially why these men were let go or fired–for reasons of harassment in one way or another.
Not cool.  
Making such jokes or talking to women in such way is not a good thing because it is rooted in selfish desires. Not only that, but sexual desires are spoken of in a twisted manner rather than its beauty–does anyone ever talk about sexual things in a beautiful way, anymore?  And lastly and worst of all, it dishonors and disrespects the women these jokes are aimed at.  
So…all of us guys need to be wary and cognizant of what we say and do in regards to how we view women on a daily basis.  The temptation to have “guy locker room talk” is definitely out there and sometimes one slip up is enough to cost us a reputation and job.  But!  We’re better than that.  We’re made for greatness.  Us men are made in the image and likeness of God, and guess what–so are women!  They are our equal in dignity.  If we cannot recognize their dignity, then we fall short of what it means to be men as God created us to be.
From here on out, I’ll try to turn stereotypical “guy conversations” around by speaking of the beauty and dignity of the fairer sex.  I’ve typically tried to avoid such conversations, even among close friends, in order to avoid awkwardness, but that’s not standing up for what I really believe in.
Or how about doing something for women rather than objectifying them and using them?  Like, going out of your way to change their tire.
Unmanliness must decrease, so that manliness can increase.
– JD