40 Days for Life 2012: Week 1

Ahh.  I’m kind of excited.  I’ll be leaving here in a little bit to go pray at  Planned Parenthood for my committed hour of prayer for 40 Days for Life.

But at the same time, I’m a little nervous.  According to the schedule, there’s currently only one other person scheduled during my hour.  In the past two times that I’ve done this, I’ve had other people.  I just pray that nothing weird happens while I’m out there tonight.

Last year, I did some on-site reflecting and blogging, and I haven’t decided yet if that is something I want to do again.  I have this other cool idea so we’ll see what happens.

Time to …make preparations.  ie, get dressed, take care of my dog, and then head out the door.

It took me longer to get here than I wanted to. Awkward traffic situations.

I got here right at 8PM. There were four others on the 7PM-8PM shift. I started praying a Divine Mercy Chaplet and after I had finished a decade, the others left. After they left, I decide to go chant style with the rest of the DMC. It’s how I used to pray it in high school.

Annnnnd, I’m definitely all by myself out here. Every now an then some cars will pass by. But All of Planned Parenthood’s exterior lights are on with the custodial staff working inside.

I decided what cool thing I’m going to do while I’m out here–make Rosaries.  How cool is that, to be making your own weapons at the front lines?  I have a history of making knotted Rosaries using nylon rope.

So two other gentlemen showed up at around 8:30PM and 8:45PM.  They caught me in the middle of my Rosary-making, but whatever.  I managed to get two decades made! W00t!

A new observation I’d like to make is the new (?) doctor’s office next to Planned Parenthood.  I don’t know what the building used to be, but now it’s a Cook Children’s building for pediatric optometrists.  Ya know, eye doctors to help kids see.  The signs for it stood out for me because they were lit.  I guess I haven’t noticed them during the day when I normally go pray at Planned Parenthood during non-40-Days-for-Life times.  I just find it ironic (or something) that there’s a place that helps kids out right next to Planned Parenthood who has no interest in helping any child out.  And I beg the question, when will parents see that their baby’s life is at stake when going in for an abortion?  I hope and pray that our campaign, or any other time we’re out there praying, is a witness that hey, there are options.  And I hope and pray that we have sidewalk counselors out there ready to reach out and help.

Earlier, when I was chanting the Divine Mercy Chaplet…I was alone.  No one else was around.  I remember thinking to myself earlier that the chanted version that I know has a hauntingly beautiful vibe about it in a different way than the normal sung version that me and the youth group tend to do.  Hmm, maybe it was because I was kind of in an eerie place…I dunno, but still.  Awesome stuff.  Note To Self: Teach people this version because guitars and djembes aren’t always available.

And a stray thought crossed my mind this evening: why am I even pro-life?  I mean…personally.  Not just because Holy Mother Church says so or that God’s creations are good…but…personally.  Why am I personally pro-life?  What even sparked my interest in being pro-life?  Hmm.  That’s worth it’s own blog post.  Maybe next time.

– JD