Inside of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Lindsay, TX

Raise your hand if you go to church and there’s a bunch of people at the church as well. Mmhmm. Thought so. Oftentimes whenever we go to the the church for whatever reason, there’s at least several others also present.

But have you ever been alone inside of a church? Like, you are the only visible soul amidst the pews? No one else?

I have.

Plenty of times.

Praise God I’m Catholic! Why? Because as a Catholic, I believe in the Real Presence! That Jesus is truly present body, blood, soul, and divinity in the likeness of bread and wine in every Catholic church. So I’ve never been truly alone inside of a church because He’s there too!

After I got Confirmed and received my driver’s license back in high school, I found it necessary to go visit a church to just pray every now and then.  Dealt with a lot, ya know?  And sometimes, these times that I would go would be awkward enough to where there wouldn’t be anyone else around. Just me and Jesus in the tabernacle. Or monstrance.

To me, this is a really blessed way to spend time with Jesus. It’s literally just me and Him. Without the distractions of having other people around, the feeling of isolation helps with focus.

Spending time alone with Jesus is something that I even continued throughout college…mostly because I had a lot to deal with and I didn’t know where else to handle what I was going through during times. Haha, I got good at sneaking into church late at night during high school and college.

And even today and recent times, I still find myself inside of a Catholic church alone with Jesus…but more for the purposes of deepening my spiritual life and less of reacting to the negativities of my life like in high school and college.

So, for whatever your purposes and motivation…If you can, I encourage you to go spend some time with Jesus. Alone.

Body, blood, soul, and divinity.
– JD