40 Days for Life 2012: Week 3

Halfway there!

I saw a tweet earlier giving a sort of status update on how 40 Days for Life is going as a whole.  I didn’t have time to read it the article earlier.  Something about 198 lives saved so far!  That’s awesome!

And just now, I read the blog on the main 40 Days for Life page that says as of Day 20, 198 babies (and their moms!) have been saved from abortion through this campaign.  In 40 Days for Life language, they are a ‘confirmed save’…meaning that volunteers and coordinators can confirm that the woman, in fact, did change her mind regarding abortion.

Too awesome!

You can read the blog post here, which includes some stories:

Also, I received an email in my Inbox giving me an update on the sidewalk counselor seminar that I’m attending this Saturday!  I’m excited! Yet nervous as to the responsibilities and care that such a role demands.  But, even though I don’t feel confident in my ability…I’m available.

– JD

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