And there was much rejoicing and praise upon hearing that Texas A&M’s quarterback for the 2012 football season, Johnny Manziel, was named as the Heisman winner on the evening of Saturday December 8, 2012.  Well, for the Aggies anyway.  Non-Aggies weren’t as excited or enthusiastic, haha.

It was cool taking a break from my wedding reception-ing that evening and being on Facebook.  I had to scroll longer than usual in order to read a Facebook post that had nothing to do with Johnny!  And I’m convinced that Twitter stopped working for a little bit because the Aggies BTHO’d tweeting about Johnny, I’m sure (or maybe my hotel’s wi-fi wasn’t that great…I’m not sure…).

I’m not gonna lie (#HonorCode)… I nearly forgot what Johnny’s real last name is because everyone called him Johnny Football or now Johnny Heisman.

I’m like…those are two awkward last names.  -facepalm-  Oh yeahhhhhhh, then I remember that his last name is Manziel!

But that isn’t his last name…from

I find it interesting that Johnny’s last name changes based on what he’s doing.  Oh, so he’s playing football and being awesome at it?  Let’s make his last name Football!  OH EM GEE! HE WON THE HEISMAN!  Let’s call him Johnny Heisman now!!!  COZ DAT WHAT HE DO!

lol, anyway…I’m cool with Johnny having a “this is what I do/I am” last name because…it’s always the quirky little things we Aggies like to do that make me appreciate being an Aggie.  Traditions, or something…

Awkward pause though.

My life is Aggie.  And Catholic.  But we Aggies can’t play the “we’re hipster” card in calling someone’s last by their identity.

You see, there lived a great Christian philosopher and apologist who lived around the turn of the first century.  I’ve heard his name before, but I recently heard someone talking about him on the radio and I made the farfetched connection to Johnny Heisman.

We Catholics call him, St. Justin Martyr.  He was… martyred.

From Wikipedia

I haven’t had the time to read up on him properly, but for someone who lived around 100AD, his historic record seems to have been preserved nicely through the centuries.  He was martyred for disagreeing with another philosopher, condemned by Roman prefect Ruficus, and executed along with several companions.

He’s an intriguing character to me because he was defending the Christian faith among pagans right after the time of the apostles.  I think further study and inquiry on his works and life would provide great insight on what it meant to be Christian back in those days.

While I’m not writing this to compare and contrast Johnny and Justin…I just find this practice of last naming based on what you’re famous for interesting and fun.  Lol, if you know me via Facebook and Twitter…I’m a fan of hashtags.  Goodness…maybe one day I can be known as “JD Hashtag.”

Maybe next year.

Soooo….shout out to Johnny Heisman! I’m grateful that the Aggies finally has someone recognized for his skills on the field since we haven’t had a Heisman winner since 1957.  x_x

And shout out to St. Justin Martyr!  I wish I knew more about him!

The Catholic Church celebrates St. Justin Martyr’s feast day on June 1.

Thanks and gig’em,
– JD