Blind Love

My last semester of college, I saw an inspiring young couple walking about campus.  Judging from their body language, I could tell they depended on each other to take their next step.  Just watching them from afar, I realized that both of them working together to help the other would be way more effective than being on their own without the other.

The kicker is…both of these fellow Aggies…are blind.

I’ve seen the young blind woman in a previous semester traversing across campus on her own with her “seeing eye pole” (I don’t know the technical term)…feeling about where to go next.  But in my last semester…a young blind man, also with a “seeing eye pole” walked alongside her and they held hands.  And they walked around pretty fast!

How beautiful!

…that the two blind people on campus found each other.

Imagine this kind of relationship…where you don’t know what your significant other looks like!  You only know them for the person that they are on the inside.

Pretty cool stuff.

I think there’s a more profound type of relationship to be had if it’s not based on what’s on the outside, but too often you see how superficial relationships can be if you don’t consider the inside.  I mean, think about it–you actually love the person rather than love what they look like.

What’s great about this visible example to me (#pun) is that it really shows how you can love a person rather than just loving a body…that there’s more to a person than what you can see about them.  And the other interesting thing to note is how much more effective their navigation of campus is due to them helping each other out.  Perhaps that says something about love…to desire the good of the other and in their case, providing an extra set of ‘eyes’ for the other so they can safely navigate campus.

I think they see who each other are in a clearer way than someone like me, who has the gift of sight.  And that’s definitely a beautiful thing…to see people as persons, as human beings.  Maybe that’s an important step in learning how to love–to love the person moreso than loving something about a person.

Now, I didn’t stick around due to graduation to see how those two ended up…but either way…

Sometimes…love IS (literally) blind.
– JD