How To Become Pope

Yeah, it’s cool to think that I mostly qualify…though I do lack that whole cardinal thing, and I don’t think throwing the first pitch at the next home game counts. #pun
But I mean…my dad went to high school with a recently named cardinal…maybe that’s my in…
In all reality, I don’t know any cardinals personally so … don’t worry–I’m not becoming the Pope.
From Jimmy Akin, senior apologist at Catholic Answers: he points out some incorrect things in the video:

1) It wrongly implies that the pope can simply veto the name of a potential bishop that is presented to him, causing the process to start over.

In reality, the names of all three proposed bishops are presented to the pope, who may choose the recommended one, another one, select another person entirely, or call for the process to start over.

2) It wrongly refers to the “Congress of Bishops” in Rome. Actually, it’s the Congregation for Bishops.

3) It wrongly states that have to pick your new name before becoming pope. Actually, this is the first thing a pope does after being elected and accepting his office.

Assuming he’s already a bishop (the scenario that the video presupposes), he becomes pope that moment, before they ask him what name he wants to be called by.

4) The video wrongly states that “it’s usually at least two weeks of voting” at a conclave.

Not in recent history. In the 20th century (and 21st) no conclave has gone over 5 days. See this handy infographic:

from the Washington Post

– JD