Competitive, Joyful Nunnery

I just recently found out that Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist are competing in this round (season?) of The American Bible Challenge on Game Show Network.

A few things:

  1. I didn’t know there was such a show on TV!
  2. Even moreso, it’s hosted by Jeff Foxworthy!
  3. I just really like nuns
Haha, I think this is really cool because sometimes we Catholics are stereotypically not well versed in book-chapter-verse Biblical knowledge and here we have nuns on a game show that tests Biblical knowledge with occasional quasi-Minute To Win It challenges. 
…and so far, they’re doing pretty well!
This past Thursday was the semi-finals.  A sneak peak:
lol the Christian Wrestlers, Righteous Rubies, and the Sisters of Mary…and I don’t know about you, but that seems rather intense stacking books alternating horizontal and vertical and having to worry about what order they’re supposed to be in.  It’s intense for me because I would miserably fail. -__-  I need to work on that…I mean, my OT skillz.  Not so much on book stacking. 😉
You know what’s cool about seeing them compete like this?  Their joy shines through.  Sister Maria Suso was interviewed by Brandon Vogt, Catholic writer and speaker, and she talks more about their community, her experience on the show as well as what joy is:
I wish I had known about this sooner…and I wish I had caught the semi-finals episode…but alas, this past Thursday I was in the middle of a meeting with a Knight of Columbus regarding insurance.
Anyway…maybe I can catch the next episode because THEY WON THE SEMI-FINALS!  They posted on their Facebook page… (yes, they have a Facebook page)
Awesome.  I do have a DVR…

Hey, joyful sista.
– JD