7 Quick Takes (Vol. 1)

— 1 —

I realized I’m not social among other (Catholic) bloggers, and I see how much I’m missing out.  Hence, I recently joined the Catholic Bloggers Network. and followed suit with “7 Quick Takes” hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler, who is a popular blogger for the National Catholic Register and runs her own blog at ConversionDiary.com.  She’s an atheist-to-Catholic convert who basically…blogged her way to Catholicism.  She’s also an Aggie! WHOOP! (but didn’t graduate).  I’m not…biased or anything… O:-)

In all honesty, I need to work on my Short Blog Post skills since I tend to write long ones. Like here. Or here. Here. Oh yes, even here.

— 2 —

So, I had no idea salt could be used as a sacramental!  It wasn’t until my coworker ninja-blessed my cubiclemate’s desk with holy water and salt that I learned this was possible.  Apparently, she was worried that my cubiclemate would have a terrible, angry day.  And by spraying holy water (yes, spray bottle) and sprinkling blessed salt, she hoped that it would bless the space around his desk so that he, too, would be blessed.  My desire for the truth motivates me to find out more about salt used as a sacramental.

— 3 —

This has been a great past week having opportunities to hang out with my goddaughter!  I got to see her multiple times since the weekend.  It seemed like only yesterday that she was only an infant but now she’s owning the world as a 1-yr old.  She has the prettiest eyes and that stereotypical baby smile that turns any man into a cooing, sensitive…well, ahem.  Ya know.

You can follow my goddaughter’s adventures through her mom’s blog at Bernie’s Banter.

— 4 —

Tomorrow is looking like a really busy day.  My bro is performing with his university jazz lab band at a jazz festival in the afternoon.  And in the evening, I’m going to Adoration and partying it up with priests, brothers, sisters, nuns, etc. at The Shepherd’s Café for their 6th anniversary.  I’ve been attending The Shepherd’s Café for a few years now.

Usually on their anniversary, they invite religious and clergy to come speak and give their vocation stories.  Typically, they have musical guests perform while everyone chills with refreshments.  But! My main reason for going to The Shepherd’s Café is for the opportunity to adore our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and to go to Confession.  And then have fun afterwards!

You can check ’em out here at TheShepherdsCafe.com.

— 5 —

Catholic Answers is hosting their second conference ever this September and I am…discerning if I should go.  I’ve got one vacation day left to spend before I get a refill in October.  I mean, it’s not like I will spend 9 out of my 10 vacation days in Rio De Janeiro or anything… O:-)

Now, the reason why I’m even tempted to go to this conference is because…well, I really like the Catholic Answers radio show (podcasts can be found on my sidebar).  I’ve learned a lot through listening to their show, and perhaps deep down I want to be competent at explaining and defending the Catholic faith.  A useful skill since I’m a teacher of the faith.

And oh yeah, I do have family in San Diego, which is where the conference is located.  Excuses, excuses…I know…

— 6 —

A while ago (say, a month), I openly declared to the saints in heaven that they have permission to stalk me.  I think I did this when I went on a silent retreat, which I haven’t blogged about yet.  Why?  Why would I do that?  I dunno…I thought it would be fun and interesting to see if they really do or not.

So how do I know that they are, in fact, stalking me?  Maybe I don’t really know because I’m basing my evidence on apparent, coincidental occurrences with seeing an image of them or an associated object…or maybe just hearing about them in some random way.  These moments stick out to me moreso than before, and perhaps that’s how I know that they are stalking me.

This past week?  Our Lady of Guadalupe seems to have graced the back of a lot of pickup trucks in my daily commute this past week.  Maybe I live in Texas.  But whatever.  And…I went to Confession the other day and while I was praying in my pew, the sun was just at the right angle that it shone through the stain glass window my parish that has of St. Therese of Lisieux.  Like, right on me. Like, no other window. Like, it was blinding. And oh, she’s also known as “The Little Flower”…and my rose bushes at home are blooming … a lot.  A sample:

— 7 —

It’s been a crazy past week or two and bad things are happening in the world.  That’s why I blogged about Divine Mercy.  It begs the question…what’s wrong with the world?  Easy answer.
I am.
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Wow that was quick.
– JD