Young Men Choosing the Priesthood

I saw an article being shared by, lol, a friend who is discerning religious life.  Ya know, with the vows and robe-like garb.

Some highlights:

…the number of men joining the priesthood is up.

And who is joining might surprise you. 

Brett Metzler bench presses 250 pounds, squats 305, and can shoot hoops with the best of them.

And he’s quoted in saying:

 “There’s a month when I was really excited to become a priest. And then just normal guy stuff kicks in.  I mean you want to get a girlfriend.  You’re in college and there’s thousands of beautiful women everywhere.  I mean you want to get a girlfriend, you want to get married.  I thought I was going to have hundreds of kids for my family with play with when I got older.  But the more you pray about it, the more time you spend in silence, the more God kind of reinforces that call.”

You can read more here, “More Young Men Choosing Priesthood” by Tracy Kornet at CBS 11 DFW.

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And oh yes, I am slightly biased in a non-Catholic way–Brett is an Aggie.

I think it’s too easy to forget that Catholic priests and those wanting to become priests are just normal guys.  Just, they have obediently, freely, willingly decided to answer a call from God in this special way to serve in a special way.

I know some guys from my own church who are wanting to become priests and they are, in fact, just normal guys but striving to fulfill this call.  I’ll blog about ’em sometime as well as my sisterly friends at my church who have also answered this call to live a religious life.  Also, Texas A&M seems to be a hotbed of religious vocations too…but that’s another blog post, as well.

– JD