7 Quick Takes (Vol. 5)

— 1 —

What a crazy week of intense weather!  Us North Texans and Oklahomans have not been so fortunate in dealing with the barrage of tornados recently.  A week ago, Granbury was ravaged by a tornado and that really worried me since it is not that big of a town, but I know some fellow Catholics who are from that town through diocesan events.  Thankfully, they’re okay.  A few days ago, tornados ripped through central Oklahoma along with intense severe weather, and…the devastation got super real for me watching videos uploaded the day of the tornado that ripped through Moore, OK.  It is really sad to see all the destruction, but the positive stories that are a result of this tragedy are truly remarkable.  It’s really awesome to hear about the teachers who did everything they could to keep their kids safe at the elementary school.  And then there was that interview of a woman talking about her lost dog when all of a sudden, the dog emerges!

St. Francis (like, of Assisi)…that clever ol’ chap…

While I was fortunate enough to not have to deal with these crazy weather events at home, I was really concerned about work.  Simply because, my work is pretty much at the Texas/Oklahoma border.  Why would a commercial airline seat company be so far away in the middle of nearly nowhere…I’m not sure… But…it’s so close to Oklahoma and they don’t seem to get a break when it comes to tornado season…

Luckily, we do have flotation devices scattered throughout the plant.

— 2 —

Let’s do take some time in prayer for the victims and families of those affected by the tornado in Moore.  It’ll take time to recover, and it will not be easy.

Pope Francis invites us to join him in his prayers (via Twitter), as well:

I know many organizations on the ground helping with the recovery efforts.  Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City is one of the many organizations receiving donations (all kinds) to help victims in the long haul. And it turns out my work is going to match employee donations up to $10,000 so that’s pretty cool.

— 3 —

On a happier note, I went to my high school’s jazz concert on Tuesday night.  I was in the jazz band my senior year of high school and ever since, I’ve grown to really love and appreciate jazz music. My brother was in jazz band in high school as well, and he’s pursuing jazz performance on saxophone at the University of North Texas, which is basically known to have a really awesome jazz/music program…and he also went to this jazz concert because he helped with a rehearsal or two in addition to helping some of the jazz band members prepare through private lessons.

— 4 —
Speaking to my brother’s friends and former bandmates, I started remembering my college years again.  They asked me questions, and much like Radio Shack, I had answers.  Strangely, I ended up in a group of new Fightin’ Texas Aggies who are starting this fall! WHOOP!

But I realized in my thinking of my college years that…wow, I went through a lot.  And my Catholic faith definitely played a role in my college experience and so I ought to share that via my blog at some point.  Stay tuned!

— 5 —

I’m sooooo stoked for my trip to Brazil this July! Maybe I did start obtaining items that should help with the trip like…last July…but…now that we’re getting closer, I’m starting to take the packing list a little more seriously.  This has opened up a world of camping supplies (or the convenience of camping-caliber supplies) previously unknown to me.

I also started shopping around for small Texas giveaways to exchange with people around the world because apparently that’s like, a thing to do.  Unfortunately, I don’t really know of any Texas-centric stores other than at the mall.  I actually kind of dreaded going to the mall because traffic around the nearest one is terrible due to highway construction and … malls are crowded…

Doing all the paperwork or obtaining of paperwork for my visa application was a bit of a hassle because I’ve never gotten something notarized at the bank before.  And yes, I did make newb mistakes like not actually bringing the necessary documents to be notarized.  Haha oh well, but…in the end, I succeeded! The trials are worth it!

Future blog posts on this, for sure!

— 6 —

Grandma is gone and now my family has to get used to doing the simple things.  These things include but are not limited to cooking every meal, folding laundry, yelling at my dog in Tagalog, opening and closing blinds daily, and keeping up with Filipino soap operas (which my mom pretty much has that covered since she also queen of the DVR).

It was funny last weekend because my mom escorted my grandmother to Canada and so that left my dad, my bro, and myself to fend for ourselves in terms of meals.  Yeah, we ended up dining out for breakfast and lunch last Saturday…and I ended up cooking Hamburger Helper for the first time in my life for dinner. Milestone moments in life, I know.

It was good! And browning ground beef is pretty exciting!

— 7 —
The familiar awkward question was asked of me at the jazz concert that I mentioned in –3–.  A band parent I have befriended asked me how I was doing since it had been a while.  My tired answer to the question is that I’m doing well and …busy.  So, naturally that led her to ask what do I do besides work.  And  I told her that I volunteer up at my church a lot.  I would expect the next question to dig deeper as to exactly what I do in terms of volunteering up at my church…but no.

Her next question was…”have you met a nice girl at your church?”  Ah yes, the question regarding my relationship status.  I told her that no, I haven’t yet… with the assumption that she really meant “are you currently in a dating relationship with a nice girl at your church?”  There are a lot of nice girls who go to my church, but I’m not currently dating.

If only she was Catholic…then I think it would make more sense for her to know that…


I don’t talk about my vocational journey on this blog enough (at all?), but I think I want to highlight others’ first. More to come regarding that since…I found out in the past two weeks that FOUR of my Catholic friends are going to enter religious communities or seminary soon!

Dem takes are quick!
– JD

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Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff / Betty Crocker