Strange Notions

One thing I love about being Catholic is that … it’s surprisingly reasonable. But, it takes learning and digging deeper to understand how Catholicism does not dismiss reason while still faithful to faith.

Actually, it’s refreshing to know that

…there can never be any real discrepancy between faith and reason… (CCC 159)

…but that only makes sense in context: Catechism of the Catholic Church Section I, Chapter 3, Article I

I recently found out that Brandon Vogt has launched a new website called  He’s a prominent Catholic blogger/writer/speaker.

Strange Notions is a central place where Catholics and atheists can have charitable dialogue on the big questions regarding life.  I think it speaks for itself much better on its About page than I can summarize here.
What a cool idea!  I know the Internet can be a very hostile place when talking about reason and faith in the same breath, and I’m glad this website makes an attempt at recognizing the dignity of participants while pursuing fruitful discussion.  It’s not about winning arguments but rather talking about Truth even if disagreements happen.
And personally, I’m probably going to peruse this website just for my own growth in knowledge and pursuit of expressing a logical, reasoned Catholic faith.  Maybe my engineering mindset motivates me.  Not only that, but I’m rather impressed by Strange Notions’ list of main contributors, which includes some of my favorite big names who are no strangers to talking about strange notions and all things Catholic.  I mean, like seriously, these people are pro and I’ve already learned a lot from their talks, works, videos, blogs, interviews, etc.

Keep it classy and reasonable. 😉

“Come now, let us reason together.” – Isaiah 1:18
– JD

Msgr. Georges Lemaitre / Wikipedia