7 Quick Takes (Vol. 7)

— 1 —

I simply cannot explain the obsession with narhwals.  I think this is part of their devious plan to take over humanity by storming the world by land, sea, and Internet.  And they have taken over our youth ministry…everywhere I look…narhwal. Narwhal. Narwhal. Narwhal.

By Pokémon standards, they are Uncommon and found in the seas of the Artic…but only on Wednesdays and if the fisherman on Route 3290 calls you letting you know that there are some to be found.

To be honest, I didn’t know they even existed til they seemed to have infiltrated our young people’s obsessions.  Unicorns are not impressed.

But I hear narwhals taste like bacon…

— 2 —

Honestly, I just need to suck it up and not freak out so much that I’m under mandatory 50 hours a week for work.  Oh sure, days are longer but evenings are drastically shorter…but…this is simply a cross I have to bear for the time being while meeting deadlines.  Or not meeting deadlines, but trying real hard.

The only difficult thing about it is my decision to come in to work 30 minutes earlier and stay 30 minutes later.  But I’m too stubborn to get out of bed and to sacrifice after-work time to embrace this change.

And you know what? I’m still grateful to even have this job but…I just wish it wasn’t 60 miles away…

— 3 —

This past week, I found out that one of the local airshows that I like attending will still be going on.  Which was enough cause-for-a-pause because I wasn’t aware that there was any threat to it being cancelled. Turns out that the Blue Angels will not be performing this year.

Budget cuts. 🙁

Actually…look at this schedule.

A visual pun.

When I saw that…I found myself in an emotionally driven state of sadness and fiery motivation.  Temperance is a virtue.

— 4 —
Wiki-stock photo of a Eucharistic procession

I went to my first Eucharistic procession this past Sunday for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.  It was awesome!  I had the unique privilege of speaker carrier following the choir right behind Jesus and our monsignor.  Not only was it a speaker…but a speaker on a tripod stand.  Images of the 4th Sorrowful Mystery kept popping into my head along with the 5th Station of the Cross since I had buddies to help me.

I’m not too familiar as to why Eucharistic processions are done but…even without knowing that, simply following our Lord around literally with chant and prayer was a unique and joyful experience.

— 5 —

One of the challenges I faced this week is trying to come up with an attendance-taking solution.

But…ya know…beyond the sign-in sheet.  Perhaps I do maintain a database of attendance information and I’m seeking an easy way to transfer sign-in sheet info to something digital.

Much Googling in my near future…since I have not yet arrived at something that I think would be slick.

— 6 —

I keep forgetting that having Amazon Prime means that there is a library of movies and TV shows that I can watch without having to piggyback off my bro’s Netflix consumption.

Inspired by this quick take’s #1…I decided to watch Blue Planet, episode 1, on the seas.  Who knows, maybe a narwhal will be featured.

And it’s that much more epic because it’s a British guy narrating. Complete with a Classical score to further draw me into the oceanic immersion of life on this blue planet we call home.  God and St. Francis of Assisi are impressed. (as opposed to meme-ingly not impressed)

On a tangent note…I really feel like watching Finding Nemo now…

— 7 —
It seems my dog is more hesitant to jump up onto my bed these days.  It also seems that my placing of my recurve bow beside my bed may have something to do with my dog not chillin’ on my bed like she normally does.  But! I’m not complaining because she’s learning to chill in her crate that is in my room, which she has classically not used.

I’m wanting to get back into shooting my recurve bow so I have it out, strung but unloaded, waiting for an opportune moment to practice.  But free time is so precious this summer…

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– JD
Bacon Narwhal / Serious Eats
Eucharistic Procession / Wikimedia Commons
Nemo Meme / We Know Memes