I Should Be Complaining…

…because…the outlook isn’t very good.  Career-wise, for my family.

My dad works for a bankrupt airline. And this particular airline likes to exercise their furlough arm.  However, they’re recovering.

My mom works for an aerospace defense contractor facing all the ups and mostly downs of “sequestration.” Who knows, she may be let go at any known point during this process…

And while business is incredibly good on my side of the aerospace industry…this side of the green grass isn’t where I dreamed of being.  The blood, sweat, and tears during college suffering through aerospace engineering…what were they meant for?

Where I so desire to go in the industry… it doesn’t look good.

Yet, I do not complain.  Because while the outlook isn’t very good at all…my family has been blessed not to have to endure such hardships…yet.  If ever.

So, even when the stresses of my current job forces me to walk down the boulevard of my broken aerospace dreams…I cannot help but be grateful for the opportunities, the blessings, and being spared from unpleasant realities…even if those are hard to recognize or difficult to remember that I even have them.

Thank goodness I’m Catholic.  Without my faith, I wouldn’t begin to know how to deal with these anxieties because my first inclination is to dwell on negativities.  And stay there.  But through Christ and His Bride, I am able to find peace …or at least…peace enough to weather the storm.

– JD

Boeing 747 / Mark Garfinkel @ Airliners.net