7 Quick Takes (Vol. 8)

— 1 —

A test of my Filipino skills! …when it comes to packing.  I have to somehow pack for 1.5 weeks during my trip to Rio De Janeiro in one carry-on or hiking backpack.

The temptation, as a Filipino, is something like this:

Challenge accepted.  Thank goodness I’m a guy.


— 2 —

One of the beautiful things about being Catholic is the ability to really dive deep into Christian spirituality.  I need to further talk about this in a separate blog post since I’m grossly undertalking about it, but I’ll be doing the Total Consecration as prescribed by St. Louis Du Montfort for my trip to Rio.  Along with some friends at my parish, I started this past week!

— 3 —

This past week we finally set up a pet gate for my dog to be contained in the kitchen. We actually had a ghetto lattice-fence looking thing from my previous dog but…my current Chihuahua seems to have kangaroo powers and easily climbed/jumped over the old pet gate.  This one seems to work a little better, but …she’s tiny enough to pass through 4″ spacings…

— 4 —

So there was this one time where I got super bored.  Maybe I had a lot of downtime while traveling across the country.  Maybe I had just started my (older) blog.

Maybe I was being a really nerdy Catholic.

Maybe Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” was the popular song of the day.

Maybe I put the two together.

And the result was this: “Last Sunday Night”.

Maybe some people I know are actually filming a music video with my Catholicized lyrics. o_O

— 5 —

I’m running a retreat this weekend.  It’s focused on reflecting on the life of Christ…particularly His Baptism, the Wedding at Cana, Proclaiming the Kingdom, the Transfiguration, and the Institution of the Eucharist.  AKA, the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary.  We’re going through these scenes from the Gospels and prayerfully meditating through those passages to come to a deeper understanding of the Word and to see if there’s something that God wants us to know through these particular pieces of Scripture.

Cool stuff yo.

— 6 —

Visas. Obtained!

-samba dancing-

— 7 —
For what it’s worth…the mandatory 10-hour overtime per week is still a mental block to get over.  But! As consolation, my Catholic nerdiness is able to grow because that’s more Catholic podcasting time!  I usually catch up on Catholic Answers podcasts (see sidebar)…and this priest, Fr. John Riccardo.  I highly recommend ’em if you’re interested!

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– JD