Total Consecration: Day 1

Reading: Romans 12:1-2

St. Louis du Montfort: The Secret of Mary (#3)

God desires my holiness so that I may be holy like Him in this life.  Everything I say, everything I do, everything I think, everything that I do and suffer through must lead me to that holiness.  I’m reminded of one of Pope Francis’ homilies when he first became pope where he said that if you are not praying to God…then you’re praying to Satan!  Or rather, if not to God…then to who? If my entire being is not directed towards God, who am I directed towards?
I am called to live a life a holiness, to offer myself as a living sacrifice  that is holy and acceptable to God by going through a process of transformation. Like gold refined to remove its imperfections.  
THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY.  It is a daily struggle to allow myself to be transformed to holiness.  My worldly thinking tends to get in the way.  Getting too caught up in the world distracts me from focusing on God.  Because of my imperfection, I cannot make this transformation on my own. I need God’s help in His abundant gift of grace to help me.
And that’s why it is absolutely amazing to be human.  To be called to perfection in holiness as our Creator…and it is simply marvelous and amazing thing that such a transformation from sinner to saint can even happen.
It’ll take effort.  A lot of effort.
One day at a time. It begins.
Ad Jesum per Mariam,
– JD