Total Consecration: Day 3

Reading: Mark 10:24-30

St. Louis Du Montfort: The Love of Eternal Wisdom, #134

Entering heaven will be a difficult thing.  How is it that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven?  I think it’s because the camel lives out its calling by being what it is created to be.  That the camel, whether it knows or not, lives out its purpose as a camel as a camel was meant to be.  It can’t be anything more than a camel.

I would almost say…that the camel is inherently humble as a creature of God.  It is easy for the camel to pass through because the camel’s interior disposition is humble.  But the difference between a camel and man is that a rich man’s ego and desire for worldly treasure causes him to be so bloated with self gain …that it becomes really difficult to enter heaven when desiring or possessing worldly things because the body desires so.

Do I seek being rich?

Christ’s crucified body shows us the total opposite of what it means to be comfortable.  I must learn how to crucify my own body (not literally)  by practicing self-denial and humility.  This is so that my ego and passions and desires do not bloat my interior.

To offer up a daily sacrifice to remind me of carrying my cross…I will give up looking at tech/life blogs that tend to be a waste of time for me at work and home.  Such blogs encourage me to inflate my desire to be rich in knowledge, money, and fame.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
– JD