Total Consecration: Day 4

Reading: Luke 14: 16-24

St. Louis Du Montfort: The Love of Eternal Wisdom, #76

God invites many to the eternal banquet in heaven, but do I make excuses to skip the party? Catholic parties don’t stop, even in heaven, but do I find reasons not to go?
It seems to me that the more materially well-to-do I am, the more likely I am to make excuses for not attempting to attend the eternal party in heaven.  What type of person is more likely to go? Those who have nothing else and those who are poor in health…basically, those who are less fortunate but who are rich in spirit knowing that the master (from the reading) has invited even the lowest of lows to his banquet.  And they’ll attend because it is a gift, and it would be an opportunity to experience a taste of something better.  They don’t make excuses because their suffering motivates them to seek something better than their afflictions.
Must I be poor, maimed, blind, and lame in order to free myself of excuses to seek the eternal banquet? Yes. Perhaps not literally…but I must be poor in spirit knowing that God is all I have; I must be maimed for I need to cut off the things that leads me to sin; I must be blind to worldly ways so that I always keep God and heaven in my sight; I must be lame so that every move I make is purposeful and deliberate in the right direction, even if it hurts or causes suffering.
I must remember why I have all the blessings that I have.  Every gift, every blessing is an invitation by God to say yes to His eternal banquet.  I must seek His wisdom in my blessings so that I may better seek heaven and not make excuses.
I commit myself to have a life of prayer, but I frequently make excuses to skip. “I’m too tired to pray Night Prayer” or “I’d rather listen to Catholic radio than pray the Rosary on my way home from work.” 
“Wha? Total Consecration takes 33 days!? I don’t think I can be consistent so I won’t even try.”
Hmm, what are the other excuses I make that point me away from the banquet?
Ad Jesum per Mariam
– JD