Total Consecration: Day 5

Reading: Matthew 7: 13-14

St. Louis Du Montfort: Letter to the Friends of the Cross, #5

My first inclination is to take the easier path when presented with a challenge.  The path of least resistance.  It’s comfortable.  But do I go on living my life seeking what is easy?  Would the reward of going down easy street simply be comfort?

But what of my soul?  I desire heaven.  Yet the path to heaven is definitely not an easy one to traverse.  Yet the reward is much, much greater.

Being a Catholic desiring heaven doesn’t make for an easy path to heaven.  The way is narrow, but true.  Oh sure, I can take the easier route but that is the lie and not the reality for that road quickly leads to eternal death rather than eternal life.

The question I should ask myself is which path am I on?  There are times when I’m on the narrow and true path…and times when I’m on the wide path.  When I’m presented with both paths, do I choose the narrow? Being Catholic assumes upholding the truths of the faith and the exercise and witness of those truths.  But in my imperfection and fallen nature, I tend to compromise.  Why didn’t I stop talking about others behind their backs in an uncharitable manner?  It’s easier to carry on that conversation than to stop it.  Why didn’t I acknowledge the dignity of others when around them? Because it’s easier to objectify them or think myself better than them.

The way of the Catholic is to choose the narrower path, despite the cost.  I need to work on this.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
– JD