Total Consecration: Day 6

Reading: Matthew 23: 25-28

St. Louis du Montfort: True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, #102-103

The image of myself that I present to the world is someone who is generally happy most of the time, someone who is easy to talk to and someone who cares to name a few.  Do these reflect my inner realities? Mostly, yes.
I’ve always thought about that…how the externals should be consistent manifestations of the internal.  While working on the development of the external, it is equally important to work on the internal. That’s why Jesus was righteously indignant of the Pharisees because they were avid followers of the law to make it seem like they were good Jews, even though their motivations weren’t for the sake of real righteousness.  
I always need to carefully examine how I present myself in expressing a desire for holiness.  Are my motivations for the sake of gaining attention or is it for genuinely holy purposes? Humility is necessary.
Before today’s preparation, I had thought that I should share these blog posts each day on Facebook. But, this reflection from Scripture and St. Louis Du Montfort is timely so I have elected not to share these other than those who happen upon this blog or see this automatically get tweeted, as the past days have been.
How can I be generous in seeking holiness in a hidden way?  How can I work on my interior so that my exterior reflects it?
Ad Jesum per Mariam,
– JD