Total Consecration: Day 7

Reading: Galatians 5: 16-21

St. Louis Du Montfort: The Love of Eternal Wisdom, #81

Even before reading this passage in Scripture or the words of St. Louis du Montfort, I’ve figured out the desires of the soul are much greater than the desires of the flesh. Why is it important to acknowledge the difference between the two desires? Because fulfilling the desires of one means that I’m not fulfilling the desires of the other.  Why soul over flesh? The flesh will pass away, the soul will not.
The Holy Spirit leads us by our soul towards the kingdom of God.  In the inner most depths of my being, I know that He leads me because of my desire for Heaven. But sometimes the desires of the flesh distract me from that destination, and I am led astray from the narrow path.  
If I’m open and receptive to the path that the Spirit is leading me on, then I can say with confidence that this is true way.  Do I trust enough? Do I desire Heaven enough to not let myself be led astray by the shiny distractions manifested in the desires of the flesh?
For tomorrow, as a resolution from today’s reflection and preparation, I must give up my being envious of others.  Somehow, I lead myself to feeling really lacking when I compare myself to others. And this leads me to a more grievous path of sin.  I think my envy stems from my making of plans for me rather than my making of plans that are in God’s will.
I must remember my gratitude in the gifts and blessings that God has given me and offer that gratitude back to Him.
Ad Jesum per Mariam,
– JD