Total Consecration: Day 8

Reading: John 3: 19-21

St. Louis du Montfort: The Love of Eternal Wisdom, #82

Ironically, I am sitting here in the dark because my lamp has burnt out, and I’m too lazy to get out of my bed to turn on my room’s main light.  It’s ironic because today’s reading is about mankind liking darkness and evil deeds even though light has come into the world (ie. Jesus).

As I’m blogging about this, the darkness is uncomfortable because it is hard for me to see this book I’m using to help prepare for the Total Consecration.  I could go and turn on the switch to bring forth light but lol, I’m being lazy right now.

Maybe that’s a simple (but not equal) illustration of today’s Scripture reading.

So do I cling onto this darkness? Do I like it more than the light?

And what of my evil ways? Such things plunge me into the darkness and keeps me there.  And it’s uncomfortable.

I should bring these to light.

One of the benefits of praying Night Prayer is taking the opportunity to do a brief examination of the day to reflect on where I could have done better and make an act of contrition.

But, since I’ve hung onto this for a while without actually doing it…I’ll see about starting to do this Daily Examen from St. Ignatius.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
– JD