2013: Wedding #2

(Maybe I haven’t specifically blogged about 2013’s Wedding #1…but don’t worry about that…but I do hint at it here: Quick Takes (Vol. 6))

This was the wedding that makes me feel really old.  You see, the bride and I go way back. The bride’s father and I go wayyyy back since he was my Sunday school teacher (aka…CCD…or religious education teacher) back in 9th grade.
But fo realz, I feel old. I taught the bride how to march when she was a freshman when I was clarinet section leader.  That was like … 9 years ago x_x. Perhaps I can take credit for her not tripping in her wedding dress down the aisle due to a glorious roll-step. 
I had the honor and privilege of being asked to Lector for the wedding Mass.  Simply because I’m a Lector normally for my parish and apparently I do decent job. If you don’t know, during a Catholic Mass, Lectors proclaim the Word of God by reading aloud the readings of the day from Scripture for the Mass and congregation.
The Mass was beautiful! But I mean, what wedding Mass isn’t beautiful because man and woman publicly declare to witnesses and God truly present of their love and commitment to each other? 
What makes this wedding experience unique for me is that the rehearsal, Mass, and reception were live-streamed over the Internet for friends and family who couldn’t make it to the wedding. How cool is that?! One of the bride’s uncles is tech-savvy (and the other Lector) and made it possible with a laptop, camcorder, and Samsung smartphone tether setup.  Same guy was also the other Lector.  It was fun and intriguing to me seeing him run those electronics to make it all work.  And apparently it was quite the success since I heard grandpa (the bride’s) saying how he keeps getting texted by family members regarding their comments during the various segments of this whole wedding process. Kudos to that uncle!
Which, tangenting off that… Today was another big day for the bride’s family because that same tech-savvy uncle got his papers signed officially ending (amicably) his involvement with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal as he pursues seminary to be a diocesan priest. 

So, as of today…he’s officially a seminarian for my diocese!  He just needs to get accepted to the Catholic university/seminary that he wants to go to in order to take the next step.  Please pray for him! (and I hinted at him in this blog post: One of the Realities of Being Catholic)

At the reception, I got to hang out with my goddaughter! She’s getting big and can walk so confidently now! Her dad was the youth minister of the bride, good friend of her family, and is the youth minister I volunteer for.  I’m thoroughly impressed with her skills at manipulating a fork. And dancing skills.  It’s the little things in life.
Totes adorbz
Also, due to the miracle and magic that is smartphone tech…there’s really no need for disposable cameras to use and capture memories.  The bridge and groom decided to use the app, WedPics…and I totally made use of it!  Perhaps you saw some other pictures floating around on Facebook/Twitter. 😉

Anyway, Wedding #2…complete! Congrats to Jessica and Shea! Please pray for them in their journey together as husband and wife and that their marriage is a visible sign of love that is free, total, faithful, and fruitful.  

– JD