Total Consecration: Day 13

Reading: Romans 6: 3-11

from St. Louis du Montfort: True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, #127

I guess one thing I don’t often think about, if at all, is that to be baptized in Christ Jesus is to also be baptized in His death.  This, in a mysterious way, is the visible sign that signifies our unity with our Lord.  So just as He died, was buried, and rose again from the dead, we do too.  
Haha, it’s so simple really.  To be a Christian is to be a follower of Christ because He has invited us to be like Him. Yes, sometimes in seemingly literal ways.
By virtue of our baptism in our Lord, we are invited into God’s family.  But being in His family carries with it responsibilities and promises. In baptism, I vow to reject Satan and all that he’s about. Also in baptism, I affirm the basic essentials of my faith and vow to not stray from those.  
This vow in baptism is important to keep because of how it unites us in Christ.
I don’t think I have trouble keeping up with commitments but there’s always room for improvement.  A permanent commitment in the Lord is frightening because it is a narrow path.  But if it’s worth doing, it is worth beings permanent…
What I like about entering Catholic Churches is the small font of Holy Water to remind myself of my baptism.  Maybe it’s a good idea that I get some to keep around with me at home and work.  Tough I might not use it much, at the very least the visual reminder is there. Spray bottle of holy water could work too.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,