Total Consecration: Day 15

Reading: 1 John 1: 8-10

from St. Louis du Montfort: True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, #99-100

After reading today’s reading, I can’t help but remember that one time when I was talking to one of my classmates about going to Mass and Confession.  Yeah, he considers himself “Catholic” insofar as he attends Mass on Sundays. Sometimes. And that’s about it. What’s really sticking out to me from my memory is our conversation about Confession.  I remember him saying, “(psh) I don’t need to go to Confession. I’m perfect!”, to which I didn’t really know how to properly respond in a convincing matter.  But, I knew that he could probably work on some certain things which would probably merit Confession if he were to ever arrive at the point of a repentant heart.  It took quality time spent with him to know that … he wasn’t perfect at all.  I don’t mean that in a condemning, judgmental way.  But, he basically said he didn’t sin even though I’m for certain that he engaged in actions and behaviors that are undoubtedly sinful, from my own observations.


If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us

…says St. Paul to the Romans.  What does that look like for my interior life? It’s like…I wouldn’t be acknowledging my imperfections which is a reality because of our fallen human nature.  Thus, I would be deceiving myself by dismissing that reality.

Gosh! I just thought of how relevant that is to this past week.  Abortion? That’s not a sin. (it’s a woman’s right to choose!!! if you’re against abortion, you’re sexist!!!) … So-called “same sex marriage”? That’s not sinful at all. (it’s about marriage equality! and everyone who is against gay marriage is bigot!!!).

Underneath the smoke and mirrors of the political agenda and emotionally charged opinions regarding these matters are objective truths and realities about the dignity of the human person that are violated by these intrinsically immoral things.  By saying these things are not sinful, we are deceiving ourselves. If we deceive ourselves, we aren’t going to be communicating truth. And if we’re not communicating truth, then we’re making Jesus to be nothing but a liar.  That’s why it gets confusing for the rest of the world when Christians support these things (but it’s not sinful, right?).

For me, I might not openly say that my sinful ways aren’t sinful.  But in the way that I handle temptations and choosing to sin, I communicate that sinning isn’t sinful.  And that’s how I easily trap myself in a sinful cycle of …sin-that-is-actually-sinful.

So, I like St. Louis du Montfort’s advice in pursuing holiness through devotion to Our Lady. It is necessary …

…to be genuinely determined to avoid at least all mortal sin, which outrages the Mother as well as the son (wow I have never thought of it that way…)

…to practice great self-restraint in order to avoid sin (sometimes that is difficult, but I know this is true)

…to join her confraternities, say the rosary or other prayers, fast on Saturdays and so on. (mebbe I’m kind of a Carmelite, and a Rosary is often a part of my commute home)

 It’ll take a lot of work. A lot of grace. A lot of intercession from Our Lady.  But…these are necessary steps.

I do have some bad habits…but I won’t focus on those here on my blog.  I will make the firm decision to overcome one of my bad habits.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
– JD