7 Quick Takes (Vol. 10)

— 1 —

What a crazy week in the political realm!  Perhaps our government decided through an act of congress to make this week a crazy week. Whatever the case, the movements of the government on the big issues are indicative of times when everyone’s Internet/social life is filled with exchanges of slogan statusing and passionate opinionating.  Surely some glorious meme-ing as well.

I usually stay out of it.

It’s not that I don’t have my own opinions to express… But, I just rather not get caught up in the excitement and passion.  People get too emotionally invested or too sensitive about certain issues, and that’s fine, but sometimes keeping charity and recognizing the dignity of the person behind the physical or on-screen keyboard is lost, and that’s not cool. And also… I’d prefer to take the time to get informed about the issues before expressing something about it.

So, the unfortunate (fortunate?!) consequence of dealing with all this stuff by taking the time to get informed about the issues is that by the time I have a good grasp of what the real issues are, it’s usually after the emotions stop running high regarding those issues. In other words, the fad is over on the social medias.  I guess that’s why I’m left with dealing with these issues …offline.  I guess I like it better that way anyway.  I’d rather do something about these issues face-to-face with people.

With that said…

— 2 —

…I’m a total jerk to today’s culture. In the real life. Simply because I’m leading a group through learning about Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. This.  This is going to help provide the foundation at which to deal with the big issues like abortion and so-called “same sex marriages.” Well, at the very least…in a Catholic context.  And things in a Catholic context tend to have a universally applicable vibe once I dig deep enough.

While I’m not going to provide a treatise on the Theology of the Body, other people have.  And that’s how we’re learning. Because other people have made the Theology of the Body more digestible for the rest of us.  And now I have to lead group discussions on it through the digestible portions offered by others like Christopher West, the Everts, and countless others.

So yes, we need Catholics to teach Catholics how to be Catholic using Catholic things that are Catholic.

Yo dawg, I hear you like teaching Catholics.
— 3 —

And speaking about Catholic things…  My parish is currently refreshing all of our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion through mandatory trainings.

I don’t always minister Holy Communion, but when I do…it’s EXTRAORDINARY

I’m grateful for this because as an EMHC, it’s important that we’re all on the same page regarding how we approach our ministry.  Some things aren’t liturgically or canonically correct to do such as laity seemingly communicating that they are giving a blessing (with the Eucharist!!!) when this action is only  reserved for ordained priests and deacons.

Not that we had widespread issues as a whole ministry, but we’ve had enough discrepancies or lack of uniformity to merit this.

By being on the same, correct page, we communicate the proper spirit of our ministry.  And this is a good thing.

Heaven forbid we do our stuff without being properly taught

— 4 —

While on the topic about not being properly taught your own ministry… A group (let me stress that specific collective noun) from one of my beloved organizations on campus at Texas A&M did something rather dumb.

A group of Fish Camp counselors took some pictures at the Bonfire Memorial.  It’s a tradition to take counselor pictures on campus. These pictures depicted them taking group and partner pictures at the memorial, standing on the memorial, suggestive poses at the memorial, and other types of pictures.

More on the story here: KBTX – Reported Fish Camp Counselor Pictures.

It’s really, really disrespectful to the 12 Aggies that passed away in the Bonfire collapse back in 1999.  Really, really poor judgment on the part of the counselors.

As a former Fish Camp counselor and someone who has really strong, indirect ties to one of the 12, this is definitely appalling.

But! I’m not going to blame the rest of Fish Camp for the poor decisions of a select few.  I know Fish Camp will handle this as best as they can.  Well, they need to because Fish Camp’s ministry (or purpose) is to help transition incoming freshmen to the Aggie life, including getting them on the same page because some certain things are not okay to do.  (see, there’s a connection to #3).  Counselors, in order that they may communicate the proper ways to be an Aggie, need to exemplify the Aggie Spirit…even when having photographic evidence of fun. Freshmen will see that.

So thank goodness I’m an Aggie Catholic because I’m able to forgive them. But, justice needs to be served.  This short-sighted decision does have consequences.

— 5 —

In superficial news, I upgraded to a Keurig. My last coffee maker involved many parts to clean up after brewing, which became a hassle for me and my family.  The convenience of its maintenance is the attractive part of owning a Keurig.  It saves a ton of water during brewing and cleaning.

But! I don’t see myself buying a lot of K-Cups.  While really, really convenient, they’re also more expensive.  I don’t want to raise my daily coffee expenditure more than I have to.

Thus, I’m on a quest for a reusable filter…

— 6 —

Summer seems to be a popular time for weddings.  And out the small handful of weddings I’ve been invited to this year, this weekend’s wedding is one that I cannot make.  For one, it’s in Canada. Two, I have too much stuff going on back home for me to spend the weekend in Canada.  My aunt is finally getting married and my mom’s side of the family is mass gathering in Sasketchewan for it.

In the meantime, I’m holding the fort. With my vicious beast of a Chihuahua.

— 7 —

I am a Christian and indeed a Roman Catholic, so that I do not expect ‘history’ to be anything but a ‘long defeat’- though it contains … some samples or glimpses of final victory.

Something to reflect on.

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– JD

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