Total Consecration: Day 17

Reading: Romans 7: 21-25

from St. Louis du Montfort: True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, #87

Sometimes it seems like the closer that I get to God, Satan follows me even closer.  Satan badly wants me to stay away from God as much as he possibly can.  Perhaps that’s why whenever I’m feeling particularly successful in doing as I ought to in order to pursue holiness, the more dramatic or greater magnitude temptations are to me. The higher I am, the harder I fall.

Acknowledging my human weakness, I realize how frail I am in treasuring God’s graces for me.  How EASY it is to succumb to sin due to my corruptible body. I am weak, but I must be strong and defend God’s grace within me.  I’ve had many moments of weakness throughout my life despite the graceful blessings that God has given me.

I’ve reflected on the volume of liquid found in a cup before, and now I imagine it as my cup filled with God’s grace.  Because if it’s not filled with God’s grace, it’s filled with something that is not of God.  I have to let go of those things in order to make room for God’s grace, so that I may be able to pour that out and share with others.

I went to Confession to today, and I was reminded of how refreshing it is to empty myself of the ugliness of sin.  And through Confession, my cup is filled once more with God’s grace and Satan flees, if only momentarily (for he’s a persistent little worm).

Frequenting the sacraments.  That’s how I can strengthen myself and fill myself up with God’s grace through the visible signs of inward realities of the flow of grace.

I should go to Adoration this upcoming week because it’s been a while.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,