Being Patriotic

From everyone’s favorite brand-name in all things women’s health:

from @PPAct
Yes, because the proper care of our citizens is totally American! And patriotic! ūüôā
Oh oh wait! Supporting women’s health is patriotic.

Perhaps patriotism, according to PP, is wide-access to women’s health so that its clinics can make lots and lots of money off of women’s need for birth control and abortion and use that money to promote more and more birth control and abortion because women need even more birth control and abortion to pay PP to give them those services. Because those things are healthy for women. ¬†And let’s not forget that PP offers a wide variety of other women’s health services (but not mammograms) And these things must be supported by everyone lest they be chastised for being totally un-American! Because anti-women’s health is NOT patriotic!

If supporting¬†women’s health is patriotic, what does actual¬†women’s health fall under? Is that patriotic? What does actual¬†women’s health even look like?

Women’s health ought to be the services necessary to make women truly healthy via medical professionals or properly self-informed women bringing about their total well-being and dignity without compromising other aspects of their health. Right? I mean, it’s not entirely far-fetched that this is what actual¬†women’s health should be? ¬†This might get awkward because I think this gets more into a Catholic definition and understanding of what women’s health is. ¬†And heaven forbid…Catholicness is NOT patriotic. In the meantime, let poor Catholic women do totally unpatriotic things¬†because they’re Catholic.

Anyway, supporting¬†women’s health is patriotic. ¬†Actual¬†women’s health is probably not patriotic. Because it tends towards Catholicism.

It is more patriotic to support women’s health through delaying pro-life legislation via filibuster even though such legislation would make clinics who offer abortion services and doctors safer for women so as not to have a repeat Gosnell.


It is more patriotic to support women’s health by making signs…especially signs that place more priority on women now than future women (who, by some miracle of science…start out as embryos and grow into fetuses…but they aren’t really women, so it’s okay to kill them, apparently).

It is more patriotic to support women’s health by yelling and screaming at others…and yes, even utter “Hail Satan!” at the camera.

To be truly patriotic is to express one’s undying love and devotion to one’s country with vigor. ¬†So much so that we should almost be willing to die for our country. But this is America! Since we like convenience and the pursuit of only happiness, we must give up the lives of future generations (and future women) so that we can live as we wish because future generations are too burdensome and sometimes unwanted. ¬†All in the name of women’s health! Because supporting¬†women’s health is patriotic!


So, it’s been an interesting week in Texas. ¬†I think PP is quite on the defensive because things aren’t working out in their favor. ¬†I see that they’ve been tweeting about other pro-life legislation going on around the country and their opposition to it (or least you can infer). They have to resort to calling the support of women’s health as patriotic in order to garner support while patriotic emotions are running high this 4th of July. ¬†As they celebrate having hundreds of PP supporters at various capitols, I can’t help but remember the half million of pro-life supporters that no one talks about.

Don’t get me wrong…patriotism is a good thing! Women’s health is a good thing! But…striving for these two very good things doesn’t mean that we compromise the dignity of our country and woman. ¬†This past week got ugly.

-raises glass- ¬†But! Despite all her faults and blemishes, she still has beautiful spacious skies from sea to shining sea! I’m still proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free enough. ¬†To the United States! Happy birthday!

Faith. Hope. Love.
Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness.
– JD