7 Quick Takes (Vol. 11)

— 1 —

So last weekend, my parents and bro were in Canada for my mom’s sister’s wedding.  That pretty much left me at home to fend for myself, which is no biggie. It was just me and my dog.  I took off work last Friday so that I could go to the doctor for a checkup and for my dog to go see the vet for her checkup and annual shots.  I spent most of the weekend away from home because of errands and prior obligations.

— 2 —

One of those prior obligations was sitting/standing outside in the Texas heat.  After all our (English) Masses this past weekend, I was outside collecting prayer requests from our parishioners so that my pilgrimage group for World Youth Day can take them and pray for those intentions while we’re on our trip in a few weeks.

Despite the heat, it was worth it.  It was really cool to see how grateful most of the people who decided to leave us an intention were.  It’s going to be great because there will be plenty of opportunities for us to go pray while we’re in Rio.

If you would like to submit a prayer request that you would like me to pray for while I’m there, please feel free to check out my online form that I set up:

— 3 —

In addition to my after-Mass heat endurance exercises, I visited nursing homes on Sunday morning for my parish’s Ministry to the Sick.  It was a really weird day because a good chunk of the residents I visited were asleep! One of my residents kept falling in and out of sleep which made consuming the Eucharist a little awkward as me and my helper stood their awkwardly. A little bit of water really helped.

But, this is an important ministry even though it can be awkward at times, and I’m gratefully unworthy to be doing it!

— 4 —

My dad and bro got back from Canada on Monday.  My brother then moved out of the house into an apartment on Monday.

Haha, so my bro will not be returning to the dorm life for his second year of college.  I got to visit his apartment after work on Monday.  It’s pretty decent in a not-so-shady part of town and it’s about 10 minutes away from his campus.  I’m not worried.

Despite him moving out, I feel like I’ve seen him everyday the past few days because there are things he had forgotten.  Yesterday, on the 4th of July, we spent a good chunk of the day with him to buy him some necessary things like food, a bed, and other practicalities.

This is sad.  My grandmother and brother have moved out of the house before me…

— 5 —

And my mom returned from Canada on Thursday.  She spent a few extra days spending time with her family and seeing other awesome places in Alberta.  Le gasp, she even crossed the border on a boat! But! Ya know, Montana. Canada.

Please pray for her health’s return though! Her feet absolutely do not react well to bug bites of any sort, and she endured several mosquito bites on her right foot.  Right now it is swollen and painful so it makes it difficult for her to walk.  Much appreciated!

— 6 —

Someone from my pilgrimage group had asked if there was going to be a blog that we would keep to chronicle our trip.  I decided to look into it and have gotten something together.  For me and this blog, I was definitely planning on posting about my trip here.  But! I may pull double-duty or do some crazy cross-blogging!

More details later.

— 7 —
Things got crazy this past week at the Capitol. But you can find other commentary on that elsewhere.  I was browsing through my Twitter feed the other day and saw an interesting tweeted picture…which I decided to comment on while chowing down on a Carl’s Jr. salad (not burger…blasphemy, I know) on the 4th of July.

“Supporting women’s health is patriotic.” Love, PP. No matter what.

Sure, but … coming from everyone’s favorite name brand in all things “women’s health”? And seeing the actions of their supporters? I suppose it is patriotic.  o_O Blog post here.

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– JD