Total Consecration: Day 25

Reading: 2 Peter 1: 5-8

from St. Louis du Montfort: The Secret of Mary, #57

St. Louis du Montfort would say that Mary is the epitome of how a soul should serve Jesus Christ.  Her pure faith, her humility, her charity, her purity, and her parental care as a mother are the virtues that make Mary’s spirit really conducive to be a servant of Christ.

Today’s reading outlines a sort of logical progression of a soul’s characteristics in order to be a fruitful servant of Christ.  Mary has achieved this progression in a perfect way.

How am I most like Mary? Perhaps my faith though it is not as pure as Mary’s.  I’ve somehow been able to maintain a steadfast faith without questioning it or finding myself questioning it.  I should clarify that this is not the type of questioning that seeks to understand in knowledge, but the type of questioning due to doubts.  I know this type of questioning is a struggle for some people, but it seems like I’ve been given enough grace to overcome that hurdle.

On the other hand, I think my humility is the most opposed to or unlike Mary.  Oftentimes I develop a sense of pride of self and praise my personal achievements when Mary, I think, would bring back the focus to magnifying the Lord.

I should offer up my pride and ask for Mary’s intercession and inspiration in what humility should be.

– JD