Total Consecration: Day 31

Reading: Isaiah 53: 3-12

from St. Louis du Montfort: Letter to the Friends of the Cross, #57

Reflection & Response:
The account of the suffering servant in Isaiah really points to Jesus.  And I see Jesus becoming that suffering servant in His last hours.  Maybe I’ve mentioned this before, but I recall reflecting on the Sorrowful Mysteries through praying the Rosary on the way home from work not too long ago, and I came to realize one of the ongoing themes throughout the Mysteries is the flow of Jesus’ blood.  He is wounded and broken and bleeding.  And to top it all, the Romans, at the urging of the mob, crucified Him.

The Crucified Jesus is a beacon of hope for all who suffer in some way.  In His Passion, He shows us what it looks like to endure suffering, and in His Resurrection, He shows us redemption from that suffering.

Every sin I commit is another cause of suffering for Christ.  An extra hammer blow, an extra millimeter of thorns, an extra crack of the whip, an extra yard carrying the already heavy wood.  And the more I think about that, the more appalling it is for me to choose sin.

In order that I may more perfectly detest my sins and its consequences, I shall go to Confession.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
– JD