A Nerdy Perspective

The consequence of World Youth Day being far away in a land that is not north Texas is the necessity of aerial transportation.

Looks like we’ll be flying from DFW to Houston. Then Houston to Miami. Then finally Miami to Río de Janeiro. That’s a lot of flight time!

We’ll be flying American Airlines, and I’m excited for this! I’m an AA kid since my dad works for them. So with my combined previous flying experiences (which there are many), my aerospace engineering education through college, and my work experience as an engineer for an airline seat manufacturer, there will be ample amounts of time for me to nerd out while flying from place to place.  In other words, I might know a thing or two about airplanes and the seats that go into them.

Lo unto the ones who have to sit next to me as I seemingly analyze the seats with scrutiny, care and knowledge!

– JD

“American Airlines Approach” // Irargerich on Flickr