Limited Updates

I’m out here on Copacabana Beach with countless others waiting for Adoration to begin in a few hours. The original plan was for all the pilgrims to be at a place designated as Campus Fidei, a large field outside of Río. But due to the rains this past week, Campus Fidei was deemed too muddy. Instead, JMJ decided to have the Vigil and Closing Mass here at Copacabana Beach. It’s insane! So many people, tents, tarps! This works out for us because the beach is only a mile away from our hostel, but we’re staying here at the beach tonight. It’s funny because you can’t tell it’s winter in Brazil and people are swimming and stuff. So, I won’t be near any way for me to charge my iPhone, so updates will be limited. I also won’t be able to update the other blog like I have been. Follow the happenings live on EWTN or

– JD