This Religious Sister Has Got Kicks!

In my continual love of Catholic nuns and religious sisters… enter: Sister Linda Sim.

From The Straits Times:

When Sister Linda Sim was growing up, all she wanted to do was serve the nation. In the 1970’s, she applied to the Singapore Armed Forces to be a front-line soldier, but was told women could take up only clerical positions. The Singapore Police Force also turned her down as she was too petite. Undeterred, the gutsy woman took up taekwondo and eventually earned a black belt. Then she heard her religious calling.

Read more and watch a 48 Singporean second video here. Especially note how she puts those TKD skillz to use!

It becomes fascinating the types of skills and gifts people bring to their religious vocations…and how they’re able to use those skills and gifts in the service of others and the Church. Perhaps pursuing the religious life is not a renunciation of one’s past life, but a fuller expression of it.

I like this because A) Catholic religious sister and B) we share that commonality of having a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Dat’s what’s kickin’,
– JD

Sister Linda Kim // Desmond Lim, The Straits Times