Beauty in America’s Got Talent

I’ve been reflecting on beauty moreso than usual lately. I won’t get into why…but…just know that I am.

And…it’s always interesting to see how we react and respond to beauty. Truly, if man and woman encounter objective beauty, there’s a certain stirring from within that tends towards something infinite. Perhaps a sense of wonder and awe and the desire to be consumed by that beauty.

So, to help illustrate that, I found an example from a popular TV show, America’s Got Talent.

This unassuming group pretty much surprised everyone with their singing. Notice that their skillful melodic harmonies evokes a sense of awe, wonder, and surprise from the judges and the audience to the point that the audience even gives a standing ovation even though they aren’t even done with their audition! And wow, even Howard Stern looks on and listens with a smile!
We respond in a good way whenever we have a true encounter with beauty. Sure, the song they performed is in Latin, but they do it so. freakin’. well! And that, in and of itself, is beautiful.
And you know what? This is totally Catholic. Anything that is Good, True, and Beautiful? That becomes inherently Catholic even though it might not be explicitly Catholic.
Here’s the YouTube video I saw that inspired me to write this post:

Beauty with a beat.
– JD

Forte – Pie Jesu // Rickey