7 Quick Takes (Vol. 14)

— 1 —

Being one who appreciates some change from time to time, I’m thinking about changing my blog’s layout/theme/colors.  Again. Typically whenever this happens, I experiment with a few and end up returning back to this layout as you see it now…

We’ll see what happens.  I just want something simplistic yet conveys what I’m going for. Who knows! Maybe this blog will look entirely or subtlety different for Quick Takes Vol. 15!

— 2 —

When I read the word, “flugtag”, I don’t usually think of energy drinks and aerospace. I see that word, and it carries a sort of German connotation that I’m totally unsure of its meaning.  But! Apparently flugtag is an event organized by Red Bull where competitors fly home-built, human-powered machines that have size and weight restrictions, usually from 30 feet up in the air into a lake.


And apparently there’s a local one of these coming up this weekend. And now I finally understand what some of my coworkers were talking about when they decided to organize a flugtag team earlier in the year.  I just might go because I find it intriguing and the aerospace nerd in me delights in this idea of aerospace/aeronautical achievement…or failure.

Red Bull gives you wiings!…which also hopefully float. 😡

— 3 —

So maybe I taught a class briefly on leadership over the weekend that involved the Harlem Shake. Like, seriously. My main topic for leadership was “nurture your first followers” where I used the Harlem Shake as an example of what’s missing from crazy leader to crazy crowd.  Because as you see below, solo to crowd happens instantaneously and that’s not really how it works in real life.

Yes, we can learn from the Internets.

— 4 —
The iPhone 5S comes out today! I’m still rockin’ the iPhone 4, and it’s been a loyal piece of gadgetry over the past 3 years, but I think the time has come for an upgrade.  But! I just upgraded to iOS 7, which pretty much breathes fresh air into my iPhone 4. Like, with iOS 7, it feels like a totally new phone.

So why the 5S? Because I’m a tech geek and it’s got good enough of guts to make it last a long while. I’m not looking to upgrade again until the 7S anyway =P

Regarding iOS 7…and my life is Catholic for this…but…I’m actually most excited about how you can stuff unlimited apps into folders now. Now I can store all my Catholic apps in one folder!

Very. Big. Deal. Because you know you’re Catholic when your shelves don’t have room for all your Catholic books and when your iOS folders don’t have enough room for all the apps…

— 5 —

My dad’s birthday was this past Thursday! I bought dinner at an Asian place that my brother suggested, and it was fairly good.

I didn’t realize he’s closely approaching 60 and that kind of made me do a double-take. Dang, we’re gettin’ older.

— 6 —

Tangent-ing towards talking about time, Fall is usually when I get super busy. There are two times a year that I tend to get super busy: around this time and around April-May. It’s been that way since college…and even now post-college.  I kind of feel like everyone decides to do everything around this time. Ok, and maybe around this time football season starts…

But seriously! I have to check my calendar closely just to make sure I’m not triple-booking myself on weekends and even during the week.

However, I’ve made it easier on myself by removing myself from some things I’ve been involved with the past few years. I’m wanting to focus on other things at the moment…but…more on that later.

— 7 —
And because my World Youth Day and Brazilian experience still lingers, I made sure to take the opportunity to make rice and beans. So for lunch nearly every day that we were there, we hit up one of those pay-by-all-you-can-eat-per-lb sort of places. And that’s where I got to taste Brazilian-style rice and beans. I’ve been meaning to make it since I’ve been back from Rio De Janeiro, but my schedule has been super unstable and crazy since then. However, I had the opportunity to squeeze in some cooking time this past Sunday and…//instagram.com/p/eSlQrPjctn/embed/
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Tasty, tasty.
– JD

Red Bull Flugtag Returns To The Delaware River This Saturday, September 15 As 35 Teams Look To Defy Gravity With Their Human-Powered Flying Machines // Uwishunu