The Gift of a Special Needs Child

Perhaps one of the big temptations in our modern world is that if you don’t like it, get rid of it.

But that shouldn’t apply to our kids…and so…it’s always touching to hear a miraculous story of hope, perseverance, trust,  and humility when the chosen choice is not to get rid of a child because they have special needs.

I heard this podcast on Catholic Answers featuring Chad Judice, whose second son was born with spinal bifida. He gives a brief recap on their story and answers listeners’ questions regarding his story and similar situations.

Sure, Chad and his wife could have aborted their son knowing the prenatal diagnosis …but…they did not! And listening to the struggles and trials they had to endure in making that life-affirming decision has become inspirational for many, including myself.

Not gonna lie, I nearly wept at work while listening to this. Now I really want to read Chad’s books on his son!

Listen here:
The Gift of a Special Needs Child | Catholic Answers

– JD

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