This Week’s Moments

Something that we often do in small groups at my parish is briefly talk about a high point, a low point, and a “God moment” from the past week. We do this in order to build community through sharing a little bit of ourselves.

It dawned on me that this type of format would be good blog material because it would be quicker and easier, since I don’t have a lot of free time. And as much as I love 7 Quick Takes, those take time to think about and write about, and I often find that I never have time to finish them. Maybe down the road I’ll hybridize the two…
Low Point
Several nights ago, I was doing some Internet searching and didn’t exactly find the results I was looking for. I was a little dismayed at this, and got pretty discouraged when the results came back rather lacking because it is information I need. And I’ll leave it at that. O_o 
High Point
The other night, the young adult community at my parish launched their first ever event! It’s a speaker series + restaurant format and Thursday was the first one. Our pastor was the first guest speaker, and he talked about his conversion story (Episcopalian –> Catholic) and the priesthood. I gained more appreciation of him now knowing about his story. On top of that, the restaurant this was held at is a restaurant owned by fellow parishioners and it’s delicious! They make everything from scratch! And their cheesecake rivals that of some found in certain factories!
God Moment
God moments are moments when you feel God’s presence or God working in His mysterious ways. I have two from the past week. First, the obvious! Our middle school youth ministry had Adoration a few nights ago, and I decided to join in and spend that time adoring Christ truly present in the Eucharist! It’s a lot easier to talk face-to-face. Got to hang out with my fellow young adult volunteers and our high school students too with a scrumptious potluck afterwards!
The other God moment I had was yesterday on my drive home from work. I decided to take some time with the radio off. Earlier in the day, at work, I had listened to some podcasts that got me thinking about stuff. And yikes. Silence is a scary thing. It forces me to be alone with whatever I’m dealing with, and be free from the distracting noises of life, which sometimes comes in the form of the radio. I was just reflecting on those podcasts, and I had a very real moment with God. I think I arrived at a moment of realization of brokenness and humilty with a sincere desire to make like a Michael Jackson song lyric and “make a change”.
So,  those were my low point, high point, and God moment from the past week. How about you? Comment below! You can sign into Disqus with popular social media platforms!
– JD

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Moments”

  1. High: Seeing my family and loved ones I hadn't seen in awhile.
    Low: Seeing the blatant disregard for human life in the world today.
    God moment: Hearing words meant just for me and helping me to better trust God.