Executive Decision: Aggie Awakening 100

Whoop! I am registered for Aggie Awakening 100!

Awakening is a 3-day college retreat loosely based on Cursillo and Search, which are retreats for women and men on Catholic teachings.  For many college students, Awakening is an opportunity for a real, genuine encounter with God. Maybe even for the first time.What also makes Awakening great is the tight-knit community that develops during the retreat and how it even continues even past the retreat.

I made Aggie Awakening #75 in the Fall of 2005, and then staffed Aggie Awakening #85 as a Table Gopher in the Spring of 2009 (I think, if I did my math correctly, with 3 Awakenings a year).  See, the problem with being an engineering major involved in other organizations at Texas A&M makes it difficult to spend entire weekends on retreats. I wish I could have staffed more but…alas, I did not.

But either way! I’m attending Aggie Awakening #100! …the conference part of it, anyway!

I’m pretty excited because any legit excuse I can find to return to my other home is a good enough reason for me! In true Aggie Catholic fashion, it’ll be a wonderful time coming together as family in Christ and as Aggies.

I’m also pretty excited about the speaker lineup! Which you can see here.
I mean, Fr. Mike, Fr. Brian, and Fr. David? A great trifecta of the priests I had while I was in college! Shawn Carney?! Duuude, he freakin’ help start 40 Days for Life! And then Marcel LeJeune?! We’re social media friends, and I’m a follower of his blog, lol.

I was scouring Facebook timelines from 2005 to find a cool retro picture to post on here…but no such luck. But I realized that both my table dads for #75 and #85 are now seminarians…no big.

Anyway! Other fun facts about Awakening:
Aggie Awakening History – A memoir from one of the first staffers of AA #1
Awakening Retreats – A website with a schedule of all the Awakening retreats throughout the country

There’s something about being an Aggie Catholic that just makes…being an Aggie… more importantly, being a Catholic…mutually awesome.  I should (eventually) blog about that and how my Awakening retreat impacted me.

If you’ve made an Aggie Awakening, I highly encourage you to register!
Look, I’ll even put the link right here: http://aa100.aggiecatholic.org/

I look forward to March!
– JD