Study the Gospels In A Year!

Matt Warner over at Flocknote has been talking about this for a while now, after “Study the Catechism in a Year” was a big hit for the Year of Faith.

Flocknote is a messaging tool for email and text that makes it really easy for groups of any size to easily communicate. I use it frequently for my various ministries at my parish.

It’s great that Flocknote offers these free studies because I’m not gonna lie–it’s easier for me to read an email than to crack open a thick, heavy book in some sort of structured way.

Speaking of that thick, heavy book…

They’ll be using the Ignatius Study Bible, which is a Revised Standard Version translation! It’ll have commentary from some well-known theologians! EXCITE!

You can sign up here:
Flocknote – Study the Gospels In A Year!

They will start sending out Flocknotes for this on Monday, December 9!

Here’s to learning more!

– JD

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